Spiritual Autobiography of Enid Cook


This is a true report of a life-time quest to really know the Lord. It started in a little four year old girl confronted with the meaning of a ‘Christening’: it gained a deep level of reality after the sudden death of a child. And over the ensuing years it became more and more surely the only true meaning of this earthly life for me, for this is my spiritual autobiography.

I was a scholarship-winning university graduate, with a comfortable marriage, a pleasant career as a psychotherapist, and with status in the hierarchy of governance of my church. But career and church slowly became impediments to my quest to really walk in conscious obedience to God’s Will.

Isaiah says, “Blessed are ye who sow beside all waters” (Isa.32.20), and the Internet has now become a place of sowing. I am trusting that, among those who log-on to this piece of writing, there will be some who choose to read the whole story of my quest, and from it derive some helps and encouragements in their own struggles to become real followers of the Lord in this rather crazy 21st century world.

Comments and feedback are welcomed and there will be provision for this once the final chapter has been posted.

Latest Chapter

Quest for God Part 6. No turning back

Introduction The Lord had brought us to the point of ending the Ministry, but He had not given us any clues to our future, so we stayed with the farm, supporting ourselves, and awaiting further guidance. But a time of crisis came, and, still with no clear word from the Lord, we began to try […]

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